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Made a change to the site menu. I had the Inn Situ stories linked under fantasy. Though somewhat difficult to categorize because of the nature of the project, I can say with certainty that fantasy is not the correct genre … Continue reading

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As Scheduled

Gary looked again at the scheduler on his computer monitor. It seemed he had been looking at it for 10 minutes now. It had not changed. They were still the same scheduled appointments for this afternoon as they had been … Continue reading

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Shades of Home

This is one of the stories that can be found in my Inn Situ collection of short stories. It was originally inspired by a photograph posted by a friend of mine online at Helium.com Jenny Lynn was seven. Her older … Continue reading

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Command and Control

Food, as everything else was in short supply. All, it seemed, except for misfortune and misery. The hydroponic gardens were failing. Water recirc units were running at half capacity. Air scrubbers had been under constant repair for the last year. … Continue reading

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Intro to this over-engineered self-shrine. Continue reading

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