Well, this has been a project. I didn’t realize how widely scattered my writings were, residing in multiple homes on multiple websites as they have been up until this point. And, of course, I couldn’t do it the easy way. I went full court press: a Virtualmin virtual server, set up using one of the 90 domain names I own as the nameserver, a multi-user installation of WordPress (better for appeasing the several personalities that inhabit my head, I guess), multiple subdomains to interface with the network install of WordPress—each dedicated to a different genre, or specific titles—, a custom built theme (based off someone else’s work that I can no longer find the original to give credit on) for the main section of the site and (eventually) a different look for all of the other various  and sundry permutations of this over-engineered  self-shrine.

My plan is to keep all or most of the various domains active:, and others, but they will most likely be pointed to sections and subdomains of this site because of the greater control and the single login available through this installation.

One of the major things I still have to do is the navigation for pages on the subdomains, and links back to the homepage here.

There is much more to come, both new pieces and better access to older pieces littering the Internet, a writer’s forum and most likely a features area that will be setup for invited authors to regale with poetic words and fascinating tales. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger.

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