This will be the last post I make. I can no longer countenance the duplicity; no longer stomach the deception. I can no longer force myself to be content given the current status quo. The rules have changed once again and I am left impotent with this latest course shift.

I have enjoyed participating in this forum and I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to share a small part of the knowledge I have gained and more grateful still for the people I have met here. Those people run the gamut from friends, to some I would not care to spend five minutes with. Each of you probably know who and which you are.

Those of you who have read this forum regularly know that I have always been straight up. I have always endeavored to present you with facts and with the resources to research for yourself. Thus far, no one has proved me wrong.

Many have tried. There have been threats of bodily harm. There has been an incessant stream of name calling and spewing of hatred and vitriol. There have been allusions to me being insane and a nut job, and outright attempts to present me so. But no one has managed to disprove my assertions, or to offer any proof to the contrary of what I say.

The Watchers have invariably resorted to throwing out “Conspiracy Theorist” as a derisive, discussion ending appellation. The stigma attached to that particular name generally tends to cause most individuals to react as if someone has just shouted “Plague!” However, there are some of you – few at first, but a growing number over time – that have said “wait a minute. What he’s saying makes sense. And he’s the only one with facts to back up his claims. Maybe he is right.”

And, as I have pointed out multiple times and frequently attempted to prove, not all conspiracy theories are wrong. You can read some of my long standing posts in this thread and trace their validity through the information I have provided.

I have been on the inside. I have seen the extent to which this cancer has permeated our government and its agencies, and how it has spread to other governments around the world. I have seen, first hand, the conspiracy part of this conspiracy theory and on this forum have attempted to illuminate for you just how and where this shadow moves.

It has now become too dangerous for me to continue to do so on any regular basis and in any kind of detail. The line has been drawn and I dare not cross it. My friend, Condon was threatened last night. I know many of you have met him here and know the satirical reference of his user name. They cannot get me, but I will not risk the life of my friend.

However, to those of you who have supported me in this endeavor, I must, first of all, offer you my thanks. I am humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement I have received. And, more importantly, I must warn you. The Watchers know who you are. They probably already know more about you than you might think possible. By expressing affirmation with anything I have said here, hell, maybe even just by your participation in this forum alone, you have been marked.

Everything you do on your computer is logged. Every time you connect to the Internet, every page you visit is logged. I cannot stress this enough. They are watching! Your association with me, even though we have never met, is a red flag. Any comments you make, any visits to my website are red flags. God help you if you sent any monetary support to me through the website. Multiple red flags.

I know; I know. As always, the doubters and naysayers are ready to begin the inquisition.

“Why can they not get you?”

“Why would they allow you the ability to tell us this, if any of it were true and if they were real?”

“Can you prove those threats against Condon?”

My answers are thus:

a) Because I have certain safeguards in place. A particular computer, its location known only to me, sits and waits, looking for a mention and a confirmation of my death. A little scripting trick I learned while employed by Uncle Sam.

b) They don’t expect you, or at least enough of you to matter to believe me.

c) Unfortunately, this is the one piece of information over my last few months here that I can offer no proof on, for to do so would endanger the life of my friend.

Now the time has come for me to depart; hopefully for only a short while. But, know this. By the time the Watchers read this, I will have a significant head start. You see, this message is being posted automatically from my kid’s computer after a remote call from a specific computer at the library. Well, sort of. It is a bit more convoluted than that, but I don’t want to give away too many of the specifics.

Know this, as well. If I should die from anything other than old age then my secreted computer will go to work and all that I know shall be made known as well.

Goodbye for now, my friends. And remember. If you have a strange feeling you’re being watched, you’re right.

by: Avenger 12:00:07 01 Jan 2010


To those of you who have been reading and following the complete fabrications, the utter fantasies of the deranged individual calling himself Avenger: his parents computer was bought at a government surplus sale. He ain’t so smart after all.

by: Avenger’s Mom 12:02:53 01 Jan 2010

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