Goin’ on half-past my life about now, so this site is an attempt to collect some of my scattered writings into a single home. I truly appreciate you stopping by my little back alley word-shoppe here on an out-of-the-way-path that meanders under the overpass for the information super-highway. I hope you will find something here to enjoy, or several somethings.

Comments and critiques are always welcome and enabled with just a cursory check from me. I’ve hired a new girl to handle complaints, though. She has her own website, even: hellnwait.com.

This is not a memoir site; at least not currently. Nor is it a journal or diary or even a traditional blog site. Content gets updated at the direction of the two gods Inspiration and Tyme, meaning whenever Inspiration strikes me, and as I have Tyme
to finish the piece and get it posted.

You may be wondering at my misspelling of the word time, or you may already be looking for the comment button to inform me that the word is misspelled. By the way, is that your email I just received with the subject line of You have a typo…?

I spell it that way as a reminder to myself that my novel, Tymescroll, a piece that has been done for a dozen years or more, sits languishing in a desk drawer just inches from my right knee. There is also a digital file on my laptop. And a backup copy on the home file server, just in case. Oh, and a backup of the backup on an external, portable drive for peace of mind.

I love to write. I’ve been doing it now for over 40 years and I’m hoping to be able to do it for at least that long again. Thanks for visiting!